QUOTES: AAAA Generator Services Inc strives to keep its prices below the average marketplace prices for comparable services. Most of our generator services are done on a quotation basis that includes everything so there are no surprises later. Usually, for standard services, we can provide pricing without a site visit. ǂ

PHONE CALLS: Free for the first 15 minutes

NORMAL HOURLY RATES: M-F 7am-5pm, three hour minimum charge

  • Level I technician rate: $300/hr
  • Level II technician rate: $350/hr
  • Level III technician rate: $400/hr
  • Consulting rate: $900 for first hour, $500 for each additional hour for single generator/ATS installations (others must be quoted)
  • NFPA classroom training rate (class size limit of 8 people, please): $800 for first hour, $500 for each additional hour

AFTER HOURS HOURLY RATES (scheduled, non-emergency):

  • Monday - Saturday (excluding 12am-6am and holidays): Normal rate x 1.5 with a 4-6 hour minimum charge, depending on the situation***.
  • Sundays, Holidays and 12am - 6am: Normal rate x 2 with a 4-8 hour minimum charge, depending on the situation***.

URGENT CALLS*: Normal rate x 1.5 with a 4-6 hour minimum charge, depending on the situation***.

EMERGENCY CALLS** DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS:  Normal rate x 2 with a 4-8 hour minimum charge, depending on the situation***.

EMERGENCY CALLS** AFTER HOURS, SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS: Normal rate x 2 with an 8 hour minimum charge, depending on the situation***.

MILEAGE: Billed at $3.95/mile in both directions, with no traffic penalty****.

MULTIPLE GENERATOR DISCOUNT: Ask about our contract discounts! Many of our customers have more than one generator, so we give a discount to customers who have us provide for all their generators' needs.

MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY WORK: The customer is responsible for all costs that exceed what the warranty provider actually pays. This commonly includes rush fees, labor and travel charges, etc.

DIESEL: Discounted diesel fueling charge (if approved and performed during maintenance or while we are otherwise on site): $195 delivery charge plus $1 per gallon over the actual cost of fuel for deliveries easily made with up to a 50' hose by truck (more remote deliveries must be quoted). Advance notice is required so we can be sure to arrive with the correct amount of fuel. Advance notice is required so we can be sure to arrive with the correct amount of fuel. Fueling not combined with maintenance (not generally offered) may be offered at our normal hourly rates.


• For generators up to 100kW dropped off at our facility, there is a $200 handling charge per week (or fraction thereof) that it is at our facility (or $450 per four week month). Handling charges for generators larger than 100kW are available by request.

• Appointment scheduling falls into four basic categories, outlined below. If you would like more urgent scheduling, please be sure to specify your preference -exactly-.

  • 1) Normal (default): Our lowest pricing. Your generator must be made available for us to service when we're in your area (so your travel charges can be shared with others in your area). Exact appointment scheduling is additional.
  • 2) Normal ASAP: Instead of waiting for others to combine with your appointment, you can choose this option to hasten our arrival. Expect to pay full travel charges (round-trip, actual travel, portal to portal). Exact appointment scheduling is additional.
  • 3) Urgent 24-hour response time: Urgent rates can be calculated from the hourly rates above. The minimum duration must be quoted (based on our prior appointments and availability). Exact appointment scheduling is additional.
  • 4) Emergency 2-hour response time: This should be chosen whenever you want anything faster than urgent response, want a specific appointment in under 24 hours and/or for a specific time when we show no availability. Emergency rates can be quoted or can be a combination of emergency rates and minimum duration. Note: When approving emergency work, you must confirm verbally with us or your appointment -will- be delayed. Don't be shy - be sure to express when you are pre-approving our emergency response!

• A hint about setting a time: As with any mobile service, we will set a time "window" as well as try to estimate an exact time we expect to arrive. If we set your appointment for the afternoon, it is likely we've scheduled someone else for the morning. Inevitably, some jobs are either faster or slower than expected, sometimes making us either early or late for subsequent appointments. But if you have an early morning appointment, you can set your watch by us! So if you need a punctual visit, you’ll want to be the first one on that day’s schedule. Also, we can provide appointment guarantees for as little as one hour's labor rate. Again, just ask!

* Appointments are often made under various different circumstances. Sometimes, the appointment is by contract in triplicate and practially set in stone. At other times, the appointment time is barely even mentioned by phone while driving. If ever it is critical that a specific appointment be kept, at minimum, a calendar appointment with all the details of the appointment should be requested, created, checked for accuracy and confirmed. But it is also highly recommended that the appointment be reconfirmed between 24 to 48 hours before the appointment start time.


ǂ Prices are subject to change, with changes being posted on our website. Quoted maintenance prices will not increase more than 15% annually without written prior notice. Exceptions might include if generator had been replaced/modified and/or if access to generator had been made more difficult, etc.


†A note about which level technician you should choose: Level I technicians are well versed and certified on residential standby systems. Level II technicians are well versed and certified on all equipment and have some installation experience. Level III (aka Master) technician status is reserved for technicians that not only have extensive certifications but also have a minimum of ten years experience in all aspects of generator installations, service and repairs as well as a special talent for diagnostics, troubleshooting and repairs. - Our goal is for our customers to be able to take advantage of the best technician pricing in the Bay Area without having to worry about their status. So if ever a lower level technician fails to perform and a higher level technician has to be dispatched, provided the condition of the generator was represented honestly when the first appointment was made, we will limit our charges to what a Level III technician would have charged, had he been dispatched first.


* An urgent call is defined by us arriving within one business day of being called (during normal business hours). If we're not already occupied for that time period, our normal rate applies with no additional hour minimum charge regardless of the short notice or emergency. If it is urgent but you don’t want to pay the extra $$, just ask and we'll schedule it ASAP!


**An emergency call is defined by us having to arrive within 2 hours of being called.


***Minimum hour charges, where noted as flexible, are determined by whether we had to miss an appointment to arrive within the required timeframe.


****Normal (non-emergency) travel charges are calculated using Google Maps, not actual (taking the combined total travel for that technician for that day - never more than roundtrip from our base of operations in Hayward, CA). Since this never increases because of traffic or detours, it is easy to calculate in advance your maximum travel charge (before reductions from any combined appointments). However, because urgent and/or emergency work may require irregular and/or inefficient routes, that travel may be billed as actual, portal to portal.

Note: As with any mobile service, there will occasionally be misunderstandings when giving directions. Sometimes, these misunderstandings can lead to substantial time and mileage costs. For this reason, it is important to give us accurate and precise location information in writing before we come out. Latitude and longitude are excellent for us to know ahead of time, for example. However, in the event that we are given inaccurate directions, any resulting costs above 15 minutes and/or 10 miles is billable, regardless if work was done for time and materials or bid price.