AAAA Generator Services Inc offers reliability centered maintenance (RCM). RCM is, basically, the safe and economical maintenance activities required for optimal reliability. Our life-safety system maintenance offering meets or exceeds NFPA-110 requirements for the entire emergency backup power system, which often includes generator, ATS, fuel tanks, UPS and more. Based on your preferences, AAAA will first create a maintenance plan for your equipment and then follow custom procedures to achieve your ideal maintenance. The minimum that is included with every standard bid price maintenance*:

  • One visit to the site. Equipment to be maintained must be accessible and functional.
  • Output voltage tests at the transfer switch to confirm the generator is functioning properly.
  • When ATS maintenance is chosen, a transfer test (<15min per below).
  • Generator motor oil level, pressure and condition.
  • Generator coolant level and condition of coolant.
  • Generator cooling circuit temperature in various places at various times.
  • Block heater function and block temperature.
  • Generator cooling circuit general health including pump, belts.
  • Indicator lights and panel gauges on both the generator and transfer switch.
  • Small panel standard light bulb replacement on both the generator and transfer switch.
  • Battery, battery cables and charger condition.
  • Fluid leaks.
  • Fuel level.
  • Up to 15 minutes of additional time onsite for things like gaining access to the system, training and ATS testing is included with each standard maintenance visit.
  • Other basic functions, as required by either Code or the manufacturer's recommendations.

In addition to the above checks, annual maintenance also includes:

  • Replacing used oil with high quality motor oil specially formulated to last up to one year between oil changes (up to .05g/kW).**
  • Replacing used oil filters with new.
  • Replacing used fuel filters with new.
  • Replacing used coolant filters with new coolant filters as required.
  • Replacing air filters as required (up to $50) – oil bath air filters get new oil.
  • Replacing transfer switch standard batteries (AA, AAA, 9V, CR123) with new.
  • Adding DCA / EC1 coolant additive as required to maintain coolant circuits where these coolants have been installed.
  • When ATS maintenance is chosen, a transfer test (<15min) and maintenance (if power shutdown is allowed).
  • When fuel tank maintenance is chosen, adding diesel fuel additive that is specially formulated to keep diesel fuel in good condition when stored for more than six months.

AAAA Generator Services Inc also offers the following items that are not normally included with standard maintenance:

  • Resistive, reactive and supplemental load banks
  • ATS startups, reconditioning, modifications, certifying, infra-red photos
  • Generator controller modifications and upgrading
  • Circuit breaker testing and certification
  • Diesel fuel (only for our regular maintenance customers) with discounts available when fueling is scheduled with regular maintenance. Fuel service must be requested and approved in advance.
  • Coolant addition, flushes and changes when required. Normal coolant is rated for between 3-5 years while some newer coolants are rated for up to 7-8 years. Straight water should only be used in an emergency and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • 12V battery replacement. Lead-acid batteries should be replaced every 3-5 years.
  • Replacements for block heaters, thermostats, slave solenoids, belts, hoses, radiator caps, coolant overflows and battery maintainers as well as rat-proofing and many other services are available.


*Example is based on the procedure used for water-cooled diesel generators. Other types of generators may not require as many checks and steps. Fuel, oil or coolant sampling, often required for NFPA-110 compliance, is offered for an additional $30 charge.


**We provide synthetic motor oil exclusively for small 3600RPM air-cooled generators. All others receive conventional oil by default.