AAAA Generator Services Inc maintains our own fleet of portable and trailer mounted generators, UPS and load banks for rent. AAAA's collection of portable "suitcase" load banks is the largest in the San Francisco Bay Area (with total weight including 20' cables, pigtails and wheeled case under 100lbs). This allows us to provide NFPA-110 load banks for up to 2mW rooftop generators with ease while others are still trying to figure out how to run the long cables and/or find a balcony with sufficient weight ratings. AAAA also maintains a fleet of transfer switches up to 2000A, including closed transition, delayed, in-phase (less than 100ms) and manual types. As for UPS, AAAA sells and services all major brands as well as rents expandable N+1 UPS in 10kVA steps for 208V and 30kW steps for 480V.

Regarding standby power connections: AAAA provides professional connections and/or installations for customers requiring delivery along with connection of standby power equipment. AAAA is also available for emergency connections (2hr response times 24/7/365) starting as low as $1,600.

For any generator in our own fleet, we will match or beat any advertised price, though our minimum charge applies to generator rentals. We also have steep discounted rates for pre-paid extended rentals past 3 months, including <50hp (exempt from local permitting), tier 4 final and other BAAQMD-compliant models. We have included the below sample pricing which is valid for local rentals only (within 60 miles of Hayward, CA). Removing rentals from this area (and especially out-of-state) can more than double the cost of the rental. All pricing is subject to availability:

  • $88/day 2000W inverter gasoline generator
  • $235/day 25kVA/20kW quiet diesel trailer generator
  • $270/day 36kVA/30kW quiet diesel trailer generator
  • $285/day 47kVA/40kW quiet diesel trailer generator
  • $520/day 132kVA/106kW quiet diesel trailer generator with oversize tank and trailer
  • $770/day 193kVA/155kW quiet diesel trailer generator with 290 gallon tank
  • $1,780/day 625kVA/500kW quiet diesel trailer generator
  • UPS rentals are also available starting at $1,000 per week for 30kVA (delivery and startup charges also apply)
  • Transfer switch rentals are generally $1.50/month/amp for standard transfer switches (delivery and startup charges also apply)

Standard Extended Rental Multipliers:

  • Multiply daily rate by 2 for weekly rate
  • Multiply daily rate by 4 for 4 week rate

Usage Multipliers:

  • Multiply by 1.5 for double shift (where usage exceeds 8hrs/day, 40hrs/week)
  • Multiply by 2 for unlimited hours (where usage exceeds 16hrs/day, 80hrs/week)

Oil changes are due at 100hrs on gasoline portables and 200hrs on diesel portables. Maintenance is the responsibility of the renter. Generators returned without maintenance having been performed on time will be subject to additional charges of at least one week's rental rate per incident as well as costs for any repairs.

Delivery prices usually need to be quoted but local delivery for <200kW generators during normal business hours starts at $139 for every 10 miles (one way). After-hours multipliers apply.

50A power boxes are $40/wk. 5 position 10,000lb 3' long cable ramps are $15/wk. 4/0 cable rental pricing is $1.80/ft/wk (per foot per week) and $2.50/ft/mo.

Generator rental security is the responsibility of the renter. If the generator will not be kept in a secure location, separate insurance is recommended.

Please see our terms and conditions page for more information

We're frequently asked about pricing for an emergency generator when the power is out and where connection to the building is also required. In these instances, by default (but not guaranteed), our standard quoted price will usually include urgent delivery, connection within 25' (additional distances available but must be quoted), on site training, transfer testing (if power has returned), one week's rental of both generator and cables, disconnection and pickup after one week. Fuel is always additional unless specifically included in the rental agreement. Rental will continue so long as either the rent is paid or pickup is requested.