- AAAA Generators discount description page

Many of our customers receive discounts. In fact, there are several ways of getting discounts on our products and services, including finding our print ads or online ads and referring us new customers. There is even a discount hidden somewhere on this website. All that's required to redeem it is to find it.


We like to know more about our new customers' habits, like:

  • Which method of advertising is working (so we can focus more on it)
  • Is this website so wordy that no one reads it?
  • Referral credits: we want to encourage our customers to share their positive experiences with others. Word-of-mouth, for us, has proven far superior than any advertising!

Then we thought: "We're rewarding customers for being new, but what about our existing, loyal customers that want a discount? How can we reward them?" So we came up with a very simple game. We hear a lot from family and friends that they saw us in the audience on "I Speak Life" on television on Sunday mornings. If you can tell us how many minutes into the program you saw us, on what date (during the last two months) you saw us and what Gary was saying at that time, we'll give you $100 off your next service. Why only the last two months? Because we have finite space on our DVR. :-)

This offer, like all our discounts, is limit one per service and cannot be combined with any other discount, HOWEVER, it can be redeemed an infinite number of times. Good luck and happy hunting.

There is another discount that is quite a bit more valuable. AAAA has offered a reward for the first person every six months to offer to a round of 18 holes on the Lakeside course at the Olympic Club for three guests. AAAA will pay the green fees for the foursome and provide a $425 coupon towards your next annual maintenance. For our players, we will provide one scratch handicap, another who thinks that is referring to having hives where you can't reach and a third who thinks that's funny.