• AAAA has a $700 minimum charge for parts orders, service, rentals, diagnostics, missed appointments, and pretty much everything else.
  • We require prior notice of any worksite hazards or requirements (i.e. hard hats, excessive mud, road hazards, roof access, asbestos, etc). Unreported hazards are subject to the above minimum charge
  • Because we are very rarely asked to accept payment using credit cards, our quotes, by default, will include our customary 3% cash discount (i.e. for cash, check, Zelle). As credit card purchases are not eligible for this cash discount, when requesting a quote to be paid by credit card, please specify that you do not want your cash discount. However, if you wish to retain your cash discount and still pay by credit card, you may issue a payment via Paypal to paypal@aaaagen.com, providing that all processing fees are borne by the sender.
  • All related costs associated with complying with paperwork requirements that are above and beyond our normal offerings are additionally billable*.
  • Anyone requesting we sign their contract must offer a contract value of at least $500 per page or otherwise pay $35-$50 per page for review.


  • All proposals, unless otherwise specified, expire after 30 days. After that, prices are subject to change.
  • All bid prices assume work done by normal appointment during regular business hours on a convenient date**.
  • By default, net is due at completion of work. Net 5, Net 10, Net 30 terms available OAC.ǂ
  • Sales tax rate is based on delivery location.
  • Itemized proposal prices assume acceptance of entire proposal, otherwise travel and other charges may apply.


  • Sale prices for in-stock generators are good only while supplies last.
  • Special-order generator price quotes valid for 20 days.
  • 50% (or more) non-refundable deposit required either at ordering of generator or to hold a generator, depending. Call for exact terms.
  • Net due at or before shipping.
  • Customer-requested shipping delays may incur storage fees (starting at $100/week per item per 4x4x10h pallet space).
  • All sales are final.


  • Projects under $1,000 - Net due at delivery and/or completion of work except OAC ǂ .
  • Projects over $1,000 - Deposit at signing of 10% or $1,000, whichever is less. Progress payments may be required at 25%, 50% and 75% completion.
  • Late payment voids all discounts and adds a service fee of 10% or $250, whichever is more. After that, late charges of 2.5% per calendar month will be charged on any unpaid balance.
  • Same-as-cash payments can be made to Zelle@AAAAGen.com using the Zelle network (aka Chase Quickpay, Wells Fargo SurePay, Capital One P2P).
  • Payments to PAYPAL@AAAAGen.com using your credit card is possible but also forfeits your cash discount.


  • On any bid project, where we provide connection and disconnection of generator, taxes are included in the bid price.
  • Any refueling costs are always additional.
  • Rental pricing assumes single shift (eight hours or less per day, 40 hours or less per week, 160 hours or less per four week month) unless otherwise specified.
  • Working automatic transfer switch and two-wire-start must be operational and accessible for generator to be fully automatic.
  • Generator rental security is the responsibility of the renter. If the generator will not be kept in a secure location, additional security measures should be employed. Inquire for details.
  • Loss of or damage to rental equipment: If the rental equipment is lost or damaged while in your care, custody and/or control, in the case of a total loss, you will reimburse AAAA the lesser of market value or replacement cost of the rental equipment; or, if damaged, reimburse the reasonable costs of repair, not exceeding the amount owed for a total loss.
  • If generator is to comply with NFPA-110 requirements, power at proper voltage from load side of ATS must be present in order to power block heater and battery charger.
  • No single generator above 30kW (50hp) should be rented for more than 365 days for a single location without applying for and receiving a BAAQMD permit, as a site is only allowed to use CARB/PERP permitted generators for up to 365 total cumulative days.
  • If the size generator reserved is unavailable, we may provide a larger generator at no additional expense to you.
  • All rentals are OACǂ.For new accounts, deposit equivalent to one, two or three month's rental may be required at delivery. All excess payments will be refunded at return of rental in good condition.
  • Deposit of 25% of one month's rental cost required to hold a generator for a specific date. For rentals, a month is considered four weeks.
  • Maintenance is the responsibility of the renter. Oil and filter changes are due each 100hrs on gasoline portables and each 200hrs on diesel portables (or each year, whichever occurs first). Any damage resulting from lack of maintenance by the renter will be repaired at the expense of the renter. In addition, renters who have not maintained their generator(s) on time will be subject to additional charges equivalent to one week's rental rate for one missed maintenance interval, one month's rental rate for two consecutive missed maintenance intervals and, should there be three or more consecutive missed maintenance intervals, the generator's engine will be considered a total loss and its replacement value will be due.
  • AAAA tries to keep their equipment in top shape, including tires. If a tire is damaged during a rental, we will evaluate the cause of the damage. If the tire was found to be defective or worn out, AAAA will cover the cost of replacement. Repair and/or replacement costs for other causes (i.e. punctures) are additionally billable to you at our cost.
  • Rental insurance is available but must be quoted based on what level of coverage you prefer. If you are unable to show proof of your own insurance, AAAA's rental insurance will be mandatory.
  • Rentals returned in significantly less clean condition will incur a cleaning fee of no less than .25 hours for a level 1 tech.


  • California's Contractors' State License Board (CSLB) as well as Federal Law requires that certain verbiage be placed in contracts for work on residential property (it's a lot of verbiage, actually). AAAA must have a Home Improvement Contract signed by the property owner before performing any work on that residential property.

  • Prior arrangements and written contracts supersede these terms and conditions, of course. :-)

    While AAAA does its best to keep labor and travel rates consistently low, we are subject to inflation, changing fuel prices, and other rapidly fluctuating costs.. AAAA will do its best to keep increases to less than 15% per year, adjusted for inflation. We will provide prior written notification of any increase of more than 15% year over year (over inflation).

    Please note that AAAA Generator Services Inc only provides sales and support for *quality* cellular-based remote annunciators that work reliably and that provide AAAA reasonable troubleshooting support, including cellular annunciation providers like Ayantra. Generac's cellular-based systems are nowhere near sufficiently reliable -and- troubleshooting is in no way accessible to AAAA. As such, AAAA does not in any way support Generac's Mobile Link and AAAA's technicians specifically will neither assist nor advise on anything related to Generac's Mobile Link.


    ǂOAC - On Approved Credit - terms must be negotiated prior to ordering and/or signing of contract. Absent this, net is due at shipping and/or at completion of work.


    †Manufacturers often change their pricing and terms, even mid-order. Generac once increased a generator's price by over $1,000 -well after- we placed the order. We even had Cummins once increase a price after we picked it up so special-order prices are subject to reconfirmation. If ever a manufacturer changes their price, you will have the option to continue at a revised price (or cancel).


    *As required, AAAA Generator Services is able to comply with third party Vendor Compliance Management Services (VCMS), provide additional insurance and is otherwise flexible. However, all costs related to complying with requirements that are above and beyond our normal offerings are additionally billable. For most VCMS, this amounts to our minimum fee (currently $400). For insurance above our normal $2,000,000 or for other requirements, please call for a quote.


    **Appointments are scheduled based on technician availability as well as grouping of similar customers in the area, to minimize travel. Areas from San Jose to Marin are usually more easily scheduled than Napa, for example. If urgency and/or an exact arrival time is requested, let us know and we will provide a performance guarantee. Expense caused by customer requested delays, cancellations, return trips, etc. are additionally billable.

    Formal terms and conditions may be downloaded in PDF format here