Annunciators and "Remote Monitoring" range from optional add-ons with a simple light to legally required annunciators that can annunciate dozens of conditions. Many facilities (like hospitals) are required to have annunciators for their generators. These help to identify problems before the generator fails completely. The conditions most commonly annunciated include battery voltage, charger status, generator state (running, alarm, etc).

Many new generators come with remote monitoring built in and models coming out soon will have even more. However, if you have an older generator and you want to monitor its status remotely, you'll need something custom-installed. We have everything from custom panels built in-house to systems from Dynagen, Generac, Kohler, Omnimetrix, Ayantra, etc. IN STOCK and can install them within a few hours. We can either set it up for wireless (using Verizon or AT&T cellular towers), ethernet or alarm lights and horns.