We at AAAA Generator Services Inc understand that timing is critical for some customers. Since we have many customers with critical emergency power systems (like data centers, 911 call centers and Level I hospitals), we know that response time in an emergency can mean life or death. Though our service customers rarely have problems because we provide the best service possible, we're not afraid to go the extra mile for our customers… always.

We promise our service contract customers that we'll be onsite within two hours of being notified of an emergency. We back it up with the best guarantee in the business because we know that a guarantee is only as good as what it provides should failure occur. Many customers find out too late that signing up for a service contract with a specific emergency availability guarantee was signing them up for bad response time. The logic is simple: generator companies are more motivated to respond to cash clients during a major emergency. Think about it: If your generator company promises you $50 off your next service if they show up ten hours late, what is $50 to them or you? If they put you on the back burner it only costs them $50 and only if you don't switch to a new company. We'll give you $50 off your next service if you read this far*. :-)


Whenever a service contract customer calls and requests emergency service, we will let them know within 30 minutes how long it will take for one of our technicians to arrive. In the unlikely even we're going to take more than two hours, we'll give you $350 for every hour we're late, up to 100% of the value of the annual value of the service contract for that equipment. If you can find a better guarantee, let us know.


* All service contract clients just need to mention this note and we'll take $50 off your next year's contract.